No negative news, no ghastly commercials, simply wonderful uplifting music and inspirational words of wit and wisdom

Positively Happy is the world’s first exclusively happy radio experience.

We only play happy music and we only have uplifting words-all designed to inspire and motivate you.
As with all our radio stations Positively Happy is news free, commercial free and totally free to listen.

We also want you to to become an important part of this unique radio station.
Please send your motivational quotes to radio@positivity.world.

Tell the world what makes you happy and together we can make millions of people-Positively Happy.

No depressing news, no ghastly commercials, just uplifting happy music and inspirational words of wit and wisdom.

Please contribute your own inspirational words either for our Positivity Gallery or record your own positive message and inspire our  worldwide audience

“We wish to promote greater respect, tolerance and compassion by empowering everyone, wherever they are in the world, to enjoy a more fulfilled and positive lifestyle.”


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