Accessing high-quality Internet Radio wherever you are and whenever you wish could not be simpler

Personal devices now outnumber people on the planet and they are multiplying five times faster than humans. Very soon there will be over 350 million FREE Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe-that's one for every 20 people.

So, now we have the devices and the connectivity, the Internet Radio revolution is gaining pace. At last you don't need a radio to listen to the radio!

Over 70% of the US population listens to Internet radio and in other territories listenership is growing at 20% year-on-year. The diversity of Internet radio stations, which now number many hundreds of thousands, allows listeners to be very selective in their choice of information and entertainment. Consequently we are seeing a move away from traditional Broadcasting to “Genre-casting” in which individual radio stations provide listeners with exactly what they want to hear.

“Genre-casting” creates listener loyalty. Users are in place of THEIR choosing, so they are receptive to the messaging and very keen to engage with the result that the radio experience becomes part of their lifestyle.

Positivity Radio World is building a family of genre radio stations, which will eventually encompass every style of Music; Lifestyle and Leisure; Health and Wellness; Celebrity and Media and stations for cities, regions and states around the world.

Every station is, News Free-
Commercial Free-Listen Free.

At PRW we don't believe you should have to pay to be positive!!

“We wish to promote greater respect, tolerance and compassion by empowering everyone, wherever they are in the world, to enjoy a more fulfilled and positive lifestyle.”


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